A church full of grace for those who are searching; that would go to any lengthsto tell a person that God loves them.

A church rich in compassion; willing to open their personal circles to once strangers and watch what the power of love and acceptance can do.

A church that prays forcefully and worships passionately; that fully depends on the Holy Spirit.

A church that lives effortlessly in harmony and unity.

A church that understands sacrifice; that pays the necessary price to see God’s Kingdom come.

A church so big in influence that it cannot be ignored; it’s a Church that won’t be defined merely by its buildings.

A church that embraces the next generation; willing to pour the Living water out of vessels they have never drank from.

A church that looks forward, not backward – not to things that are seen, but to things that are unseen.

A church that is forever and always outward-focused, with a heart for those walking toward eternities separated from Christ.



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